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“We are dedicated to providing creative solutions to patients and their providers using cutting edge technologies and best-in-class service to improve outcomes and quality of lives”

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As a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Neurosurgery in the operating room I can say working with Sam Compton and all of the members of My Spine Team is a true pleasure.  They are professional and extremely knowledgeable about not only the products they sell, but the procedures the products are used for.  My Spine Team is always responsive to our needs, and their customer service is unparalleled.  I have worked with Sam and My Spine Team for years now and look forward to many more.
Rob Holmes RN/Neurosurgery Specialist St John Hospital Detroit
Sam Compton is a valuable instrument and biologics rep with whom I rely on for his expertise in biologic as well as the instrumentation he represents. He is glad to assist our scrub personell with any needs regarding set up and usage of the instrumentation needed for cases. Sam responds quickly to phone calls and is ready to offer assistance as needed. I enjoy working with Sam and am glad to recommend him and his team.
Cheryl Gothro RN/Neuro Clinical Coordinator Henry Ford Hospital Macomb
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