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Welcome to My Spine Team

Founded in 2006, MY Spine Team LLC was created to meet the needs of spine surgeons looking for a better way to treat their patients.  We are leaders in high-integrity implant distribution and we embrace empowerment of our team members.   As the years have shaped the healthcare industry, so to have we evolved to anticipate and meet the changing needs of our physicians.

Philanthropy remains at our core as we seek to continually give back to the communities that give us so much.  As a service organization, we strive to provide the highest level of professional support in our industry. Our intimate understanding or our physician’s practices enables us to deliver unique value to each of our customers. In order to provide the most value to our physicians and their patients, we must be highly trained and trusted members of their team. Therefore, our commitment to continuing education is at the center of everything we do.

We value diversity and individuals who conduct themselves in a manner representative of our high standards. Our unique employee/contractor model allows for flexibility that meets the needs of each particular individual and situation. At MST we look to build careers that provide our team members resources to develop into the sales professionals they strive to become.

As we continue to differentiate MST into a comprehensive solutions provider, we are humbled at the opportunity we have to serve the needs of our communities.

Our vision has always been to create an environment in which highly motivated sales professionals have access to the tools they need to achieve their highest potential. It is only at that point that we are able to achieve our team goal of being an industry leading solutions provider.

MST Goals

Customer Satisfaction 100%

Surgeon Support 100%

Improve Outcomes 100%

Our Team

Our Team

Our Solutions and Technologies

Creative Solutions

MY Spine Team is always looking for creative ways to help our surgeons better serve their patients, and improve overall efficiencies through the use of technology.

Cutting Edge Technology

We have always differentiated ourselves by partnering with manufacturers of niche technologies and diversifying our portfolio across many product segments.

Best in Class Service

Industry-leading service lies at the core of our business foundation. We strive to continuously improve our service, and encourage our customers to hold us accountable.

Improved Outcomes

With best in class technologies and industry leading service, we are proud to play a part in the delivery of ever improving surgical solutions that lead to better outcomes and quality of lives.

MY Spine Team offers a comprehensive portfolio of surgical solutions to address the degenerative and traumatic conditions of the cervical spine.
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MY Spine Team brings to the market a diverse selection of surgical solutions to address the complex anatomical challenges of thoracic pathology.
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MY Spine Team represents various options of surgical solutions to address the challenges that degenerative and traumatic lumbar pathology can present.
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MST represents the latest in living stem cell tissues to facilitate bone growth through proliferation and angiogenesis of inductive, conductive and osteogenic putty.
Although MST provides a comprehensive portfolio of surgical options, we also provide solutions to non-surgical patients looking for pain relief. Bone stimulation and bracing help to speed recovery and ease pain.
MY Spine Team will continue providing solutions to treat the whole patient by offering a comprehensive service that systematically monitors the integrity of the patient’s nervous system during spine surgery in order to avoid injury and reduce re-operation rates.
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Our Testimonials

As a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Neurosurgery in the operating room I can say working with Sam Compton and all of the members of My Spine Team is a true pleasure.  They are professional and extremely knowledgeable about not only the products they sell, but the procedures the products are used for.  My Spine Team is always responsive to our needs, and their customer service is unparalleled.  I have worked with Sam and My Spine Team for years now and look forward to many more.
Rob Holmes RN/Neurosurgery Specialist St John Hospital Detroit
Sam Compton is a valuable instrument and biologics rep with whom I rely on for his expertise in biologic as well as the instrumentation he represents. He is glad to assist our scrub personell with any needs regarding set up and usage of the instrumentation needed for cases. Sam responds quickly to phone calls and is ready to offer assistance as needed. I enjoy working with Sam and am glad to recommend him and his team.
Cheryl Gothro RN/Neuro Clinical Coordinator Henry Ford Hospital Macomb
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