Partner Programs

Our goal of providing resources to improve patient care isn’t limited to only implant solutions. As part of our effort to help larger numbers of patients, we have developed additional services designed to help good doctors attract and retain new patients. 

Business Development

As part of our commitment to engage ethically while driving value, we have developed a unique business development program designed to build, strengthen, and deepen referral physician relations. Through a combined approach we are able to tailor fit a marketing strategy that fits the needs of each surgeon practice.

Reputation Management / Marketing / Web Design / SEO

Whether building a new website or recruiting new patients via the web, we can help. We offer a comprehensive suite of digital branding and marketing tools that will take you to the top of Google search or impress prospective patients looking for surgeons with high quality ratings. In today’s health care environment, patients are finding and validating their physicians online now more than ever, perception is reality. Control the narrative.

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

Providing highly trained CNIM certified technicians to monitor the patient’s neurologic function during surgery in real time to ensure safe passage of surgical instruments and spinal implants. You can count on our clinical expertise in IONM to reduce risk, improve efficiency, and help ensure the safety of your patients. Our surgical neurophysiologists work alongside the world’s leading surgeons to review and interpret data in real time and identify the early signs of evolving neural injury. Thus, interventions can be implemented promptly to avoid or mitigate long-term neural deficit.

Have A Product Question?

Have A Product Question?