Biologic Solutions

This category of bone forming graft material is available in several different forms. 

Stem Cell Allograft Putty

Map3 – Contains cryogenically preserved, viable multipotent adult progenitor cells which provide angiogenic and osteogenic signals to support bone growth. >50,000 MAPC cells/cc guaranteed. Made of cortical cancellous bone chips composing a 3-D osteoconductive, osteoinductive, and osteogenic scaffold.

Synthetic Bone Graft

Peptide Enhanced Bone Putty– Cerapedics I-Factor

P-15 amino acid peptide attaches and proliferates osteogenic cells with the type-1 collagen in native bone. Promoting native MSC and OPC cell migration, P-15 promotes the recruitment of BMP-2 and BMP-7 as well. Attract, Attach, Activate. Level-1 studies.

Demineralized Bone Matrix

DBM putty and chips– RTI BioReady DBM is sterile and osteoinductive, this putty is 100% allograft, with each donor lot tested for inductive potential and safety. Ready to use syringe or jar.


Structural Machined Allograft

RTI Bi-cortical, cortical, and cancellous interbodies and struts.

Have a product question?

Have a product question?

Importance of Quality Biologics

In today’s healthcare landscape hospitals and surgeons are being compensated and graded on their ability to perform safe and effective interventions without infection, adverse events, or return to the hospital. One of the ways we support this objective is to offer the leading outcomes and science based biologics in each class. Our goals are well aligned with yours, restore QOL to your patients without the need to re-visit the hospital.